funny pics

funny pics

The International Space Station (ISS) has been transporting astronauts to and from the space station in 2011 using a Soyuz spacecraft. Here is the last unpacked pic from the Soyuz:

Here are a few funny pics from the ISS from the last year, as well as a cute cute baby:

And here are pics of the CNES astronaut Julie Payette, who is on the ISS this year:

And here is a video of the launch to the ISS, and the transit and docking with the ISS:

And here are some funny shots of friends and the ISS:

Finally, let’s see how close we can come to space in our house:

April is “Get Outside” month! And let’s see if you can try to see space with your own eyes this month:

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By Collin Myers

Collin Myers is the writer and editor of Gravity Shed, Space Policy Online’s Astronomy and Space Technology blog and a contributing writer for NBC News Follow on Twitter, Facebook and Google.
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I was chatting with a friend over lunch about sports and went to the current TV sports talk show lineup. There was one slot left and there was a current MLB catcher there talking about the Giants. He mentioned that since no one seems to know where the baseball players like Andrew McCutchen are going in a trade, he will be a good left fielder.

It’s funny that it seems like everyone in the media thinks McCutchen is going to Los Angeles and is the favorite in any deal for the Giants, but no one thinks the same thing about the guys they are starting. At least not publicly.

Playing baseball is pretty funny. Anybody with more than a couple of years playing in the big leagues will tell you that. As a player, you are constantly looking to get a team to trade you to a winning team, one where you can do a little more than eat up a roster spot.

Every player knows that. No one wants to be the guy that is traded to a losing team. There is something funny about it and they can take the jokes. No one wants to be remembered as the one that traded to a bad team. There is nothing funny about being traded and losing like a loser.

The funniest thing I hear about players getting traded is when players say they are happy about getting traded. Even if the player is awful at baseball and won’t be getting traded. It’s like a kid bragging about getting kicked out of school.

When it comes to trade speculation, fans should know that players are going to be traded because they are old and players are going to be traded because they don’t want to play the rest of their careers in a bad team. Everyone else is trying to take you for a ride. They know that the odds of the player getting traded are pretty good. Everybody knows that. It’s just a matter of what day it will happen and where it will happen to.



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