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cheap vps is a term that tends to stick to everyone but they will admit that VPS are actually pretty cheap vps if you do your homework. If you want to buy a hardware virtualization platform that will let you run Windows virtual machines on Linux then vps might not be the best option but if you can buy a hardware virtualization platform from the likes of Lenovo or HP for $150 or $200 with a monthly virtualization plan then vps are the most economical and reliable way to do virtualization.
They do come with quite a bit of additional software, a little something for everyone. I would advise trying out the free software first but I wouldn’t hesitate if I had to add anything to the package.
PCWise does offer a Linux vnc server but if I have to spend $200 for a hardware virtualization platform I will be running Linux natively. There are plenty of alternatives to virtualization but they cost a lot more. There are many cheap physical servers in the $200 to $300 range but if you want a virtualization platform that will run all of the Windows software that you need then you might find something a little more premium.
I would suggest the Dreambox servers from VPS Direct especially for consumers. They also do offer vps for Windows with monthly plans and they are sold for $159.95 per month.
For anyone that wants to go a bit cheaper they might want to check out PCWise. You can get a x86 hardware virtualization platform for $80 per month but I would advise having the Linux virtualization built in especially with the new hardware vhosts that are coming in the near future.
One of my favorite vendors PCWise with VyOS instead. You can get vhosts for Linux at any reasonable price but they do require a virtualization host server to run.
So cheap vps will not cost you anywhere close to $1,000. The software you will get is a bit more expensive but I would suggest that you spend the $20 extra per month or $60 per year to get it running. A $150 VPS will cost you over $600 per year for virtualization but it will save you hundreds of dollars every month.
If you would like to learn more about cheap vps I would suggest checking out some reviews. I also encourage you to come to PCWise first and check out some of their Linux virtualization plans.
The main advantage that comes from virtualization is faster system boot-up and server start-up times. It will not allow you to run Windows virtual machines on Linux but it will let you run Windows on Linux and give you a Linux server that you can use as a full machine for any type of virtualization that you want to do.


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