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YouSport 8X and Thao 247 Provide Online Sports News in Vietnam


The eightX online Sports news website has many features and is easy to use. It has a wide range of sports content, from the latest headlines about Manchester City and Liverpool to interviews with the world’s biggest stars. The news is also presented in an easy-to-read format, making it ideal for Vietnamese readers.


YouSport 8xbet is an online media portal in Vietnam that delivers sports news and information. It focuses on football but also covers other sports. It features news, video content, and live reporting. You can also participate in sports prediction games. This media portal also operates other sports media in Vietnam, including BongDa and TinTheThao.

Thao 247

Thao 247 online Sports news in Vietnam is a sports media portal based in Vietnam. The website focuses mainly on football but also covers other sports. It has live reporting and video content. The website also offers updates on players, leagues, and scores. In addition, users can also play prediction games for sports events.

Park Hang-seo, a South Korean

Citizen, is one of the most influential football coaches in Vietnam’s history. His coaching style has helped the Vietnamese national football team achieve unprecedented successes. His squad finished second in the AFC U-23 Championship, the AFF Championship in 2018, and the SEA Games.

Manchester City

If you’re a fan of Manchester City and you’re living in Vietnam, you may be looking for Manchester City online sports news in Vietnamese. The Premier League began broadcasting in Vietnam during the 1998-1999 season, and it has since been the most watched league in the country. The popularity of Premier League matches is so great in Vietnam that many Vietnamese fans have even made pilgrimages to the English clubs to watch matches in person.

For a football club to be successful

Vietnam, they need to think beyond posting Lunar New Year greetings in Vietnamese or simply repeating content year after year.8xbet This is not only outdated and lazy, but it won’t reach Vietnamese football fans. TV is the main outlet for football in Vietnam, and the competition for domestic broadcast rights is fierce.

Coca-Cola Vietnam has signed an official partnership agreement with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF). This partnership will provide funding to the VFF during the 2018-2019 season, as well as support for the country’s national teams. The two companies hope to use this partnership to help the national teams qualify for the FIFA World Cup in the near future.

The brand is targeting the sports enthusiast in Vietnam with several innovative approaches. One of these is an augmented reality campaign featuring the Vietnamese national football team. The objective is to create an interactive experience for the fans and accompany them with Coca-Cola’s brand in an exciting and unique way. For example, the players will perform a special Coca-Cola jig dance when they score.
Manchester City fan club

In Vietnam, Manchester City has welcomed 120 new members into their Official Supporters Club. This is the result of the club’s recent launch of three new branches in the country. Fans in the country have been following the English Premier League club for over a decade, and have regularly come together to watch the team play, as well as to participate in community work. In the north of the country, the Hanoi branch has grown into a powerful institution, with Chairman Vu Anh Tung bringing together loyal City fans in the region.


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