Excellent window cleaning effect

The triangular shape allows you to clean narrow window areas. Built-in irrigation sponge, no need to add water again. The 2m rope is drop-safe and prevents accidental release. The white cotton fabric decomposes freely and natural latex cleaning strips are useful for removing excess moisture from the Erhvervsrengøring København.


Double-sided magnetic glass cleaners usually consist of two parts, and when you bring the glass brush to the window, they attract each other with built-in magnets and also move together on the outside to prevent tipping over. It can break easily, so be careful when using it.

Suitable for 10-18mm windows

The windshield wiper is only suitable for cleaning 10-18 mm thick glass. If the glass is double-glazed. The total thickness of the glass (2 layers of glass + workpiece) must not exceed 18 mm. Otherwise, shards of glass will fall out of the window. If you are not sure about the thickness of the glass in your home, please estimate the thickness of the glass first before making a purchase decision to avoid buying mistakes.

From product development

We start sales to make sure all parts are up to standard. Before placing an order, please fully understand our products (magnetic force, efficiency, suitable blank glass thickness, working method, precautions, etc.). If you have any questions or problems while using the product, please feel free to contact us so that we can help you solve the problem. APP Co’s smart window cleaning robot: cleaning and drying. iTech Win 4.0: intelligent navigation, optimal path calculation, window boundary detection, full page cleanup.

Additional power switch: .

A powerful suction pump that holds the robot to the glass with maximum security. A remote control is included for manual control of the robot.

Cleans all types of surfaces, including glass, tiles, smooth surfaces, interior and exterior windows. Four automatic cleaning programs for cleaning windows anywhere.

It has three safety systems: fall protection with uninterruptible power supply, fall protection control algorithm and triple safety system with heavy safety straps.

Automatic shutdown system: .

It will automatically appear when cleaning is complete or paused. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: High-quality reusable microfiber cleaning cloths. Small class roulette clear. feature

Internally, it connects both sides of hygiene, so if one moves, it moves or it doesn’t. Be careful with your fingers and tension.

Internally, it connects both sides of hygiene, so if one moves, it moves or it doesn’t. Be careful with your fingers and tension.

The simple version is suitable for 3-8 mm crystals.


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