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There is no doubt that carpets protect against dust and many household allergens such as house dust, mold and mildew. Therefore, carpets are not popular in children’s homes, because parents are afraid that their children will inhale pollution and suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma. Although carpets can pose health risks, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them in your office or home. Because you can decorate the interior with its beautiful designs.

A clean carpet will reduce allergies

Carpets or rugs that are cleaned and maintained regularly not only look better, but also smell better, and most importantly, a clean carpet is better than a dirty one. . Carpets that are properly cleaned contain dust, pollutants and, of course, small bacteria that can cause allergies.

So who says you can’t own a home or office?

There are hundreds of DIY carpet cleaning products and carpet cleaning services on the market today. Although we have been spoiled for choice, it is very important to choose a cleaning method / product to clean your carpet so that it is not damaged after it is done.

Some common problems when cleaning carpets:

It looks disgusting again after cleaning.

When the carpet is dry from cleaning, it smells good.

Carpet changes color when washed.

Why is the carpet dry instead of wet?

The development of dry carpet Rengøringsfirma machines, or “wet” carpet cleaning, has been introduced to provide an alternative to the current wet carpet cleaning – with better care, reduced long-term exposure. Cleaning time and the risk of carpet damage. There are two methods of carpet cleaning:

Dry carpet cleaning

Detergent cleaners or wet micro sponges are placed on the carpet and used to brush it into the carpet, to prevent turning. These sponges put the dirt on the carpet and at the end of the process; the dirt is removed from the machine or vacuum.

Turn off the device

Polymers in the cleaning solution that are used cover or “crystallize” the soil material into a dry residue that is removed at the end of the process. Besides that, in layman’s terms, you can expect the following benefits by having professionals clean your carpets: Carpet cleaning minimizes carpet cleaning, which is usually done by machines that use brushes to prevent and remove dirt from the carpet.




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